Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Pop,Rock,Hip Hop and Religion Seed Planters:The Beatles,Elvis Presly,2 Pac,Bill Gates

THE DIVINE COURTROOM COMMENCES:JOHN CENA INDICTED TO DEATH THE GLOBAL JUDGMENTS AND RULERSHIP OF GOD BEGIN  GOD'S PROPHECY AGAINST 666 CHURCH STRUCTURES The 60s was a planting season.The Beatles planted the pop music seed.Elvis Presly planted the rock and roll music seed.The 90s 30 years later was another planting season.BILL GATES PLANTED THE ULTIMATE ILLUMINATI NEW WORLD ORDER SEED[Which subconsciously argues that the illuminati is heir of the earth not the Seed of Abraham]Part 1 and 2 can be emailed to you on mp4[price:US$5,view part 1   2 Pac Shakur planted the hip-hop music seed in the 90s.Price:US$5.View  AMERICA WILL NEVER RECOVER FROM ITS DEBT PROBLEMS[ONLY 3 EVENTUAL OPTIONS LEFT]Price:US$5.View here  Or have the full e-book emailed to you on basic email format,you can then make a multi-page print out,save it to your phone,pc or memory card.POP,ROCK,HIP-HOP AND RELIGION SEED PLANTERS.Chapter 1.Bill Gates planted the ultimate illuminati new world order seed.Chapter 2.2 pac Planted the hip-hop music seed in the 90s.3.America will never recover from its debt crisis 4.The Beatles planted the pop music seed in the 60s.5.Elvis Presly planted the rock music seed in the 60s.6.The Word of God[restoration]Seed was planted in the 60s.7.The showdown of Seeds at at hand including the Bhudha and Moslem seeds altogether.Price:US$10.Pay through MoneyGram to Stanbic Bank:Msasa Branch:City:Harare or WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER:City:Harare.My name is RAYMOND MAFUKIDZE an author and interpreter based in Email the specific name of the product you want be it an mp4 or e-book together with your proof of payment money transfer code and the e-book or mp4 will be emailed to you within 2 days time. TWENTIETH CENTURY WITCHES that steal gifts from people in churches and society, a must have e-book,click here   WHAT DO YOU LOOK LIKE IN WORDS? You know what you look like when a photo is taken of you but what do you look like in words? View how Richard Branson and David Beckham looks like in words and how you could look as well    OWN THE RIGHTS TO RARE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS